Learning Together, Following Jesus

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will have the light of life.”  

John 8:12

As a result of a carefully structured approach to prayer within worship and across the curriculum, the children's spiritual maturity is exceptional.

SIAMS 2016

Our School is a Church of England Primary School. We take part in a daily act of worship. Please see our worship policy for further information.

Children are leaders of collective worship:

Children also lead collective worship. Meet our Worship Warriors here.

We welcome all religious faiths and we are mindful that collective worship must be inclusive and respectful for all children. In our school, children are active in all parts of worship. Children who lead worship work towards certificates (bronze, silver and gold) which they are awarded in recognition of the important part they play leading worship in our school. The certificates recognise children developing their own personal spirituality and also their own personal development as a leader of collective worship.

Home School Worship Links:

We focus on one Christian value each half term. Each half term children do a fun activity which can involve all the family. Children create something with their family and bring it into school to share.

Class Worship Links:

This might be another resource that is useful for class worship:


We also use imaginor resources. https://www.imaginor.co.uk/







Files to Download

Build it high (performance track).mp3 04 Power in me.m4a 03 Believe.m4a One and a million (performance track).mp3 07 Reach for the stars.m4a 01 This is our world.m4a 04 Count on me.m4a 01 This is our world.m4a 05 We're better together.m4a 04 Brighter day.m4a 05 Brighter day backing track.m4a Distance - Performance 2.mp3 11 H is for harvest.m4a 07 It was on a starry night.m4a 08 No room at the inn.m4a 12 All around the world.m4a 04 Let Your Light Shine.m4a 04 My Lighthouse.m4a

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