INSPIRE Plus (Extra-Curricular Provision)


At The Beacon, to provide our children with as many opportunities as possible for a positive future, we offer a wide range of activities which take place during lunch times and after school during each day of the week. As our Christian vision states: 'we have high aspirations for both ourselves and the children and believe in being committed to the development of every child at our school' and our INSPIRE Plus offerings are reflective of this.

Activities include: In Harmony music club, chess, debate club, cross country and a wide variety of other sporting activities, choir, book clubs and Worship Warriors. There are also various other activities that run at different times throughout the year such as the 'Around the Table' club to prepare our Year 6 pupils for their communion.

All of these clubs are available to different year groups depending on what the activities entail.

In addition to these lunch time and after school activities, our KS2 PLT groups meet regularly to discuss how to best improve our school.

You will be informed at the beginning of each half-term as to what clubs will be available for your child throughout the term.



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