History plays an important part in our curriculum here at The Beacon and we value the rich local history that surrounds our school.

We take children on a journey through the history of Liverpool and our famous faces, before stopping off on a timeline that includes learning about significant individuals and key periods in the past from all around the world. 

Children at The Beacon start their journey in Early Years by learning about events in their very recent past. They begin to explore historical themes, such as key figures and cultural change by looking at who is important to them, what makes these people so special and how life has changed since these people were young.

Moving into Key Stage 1, Year 1 cover some of the most significant events to happen to our local area in the last 100 years or more, from the Titanic to The Beatles. The learning continues with a focus on Nelson Mandela and other famous leaders before Key Stage 2 take a journey through thousands of years! Learning what historians do and how they work, children develop their ability to analyse sources, compare the impact of new technologies and generally foster a love for historical enquiry.

The INSPIRE curriculum at The Beacon provides a foundation for children to develop their curiosity about life in the past. Children are taught to ask perceptive questions, think critically, weigh evidence, sift arguments and present their thoughts logically.

Throughout the curriculum, knowledge is built on and developed from the history of Britain and the wider world, Ancient civilisations and how the lives of significant figures have shaped the world we live in.

Here are some helpful websites you can access at home for free!

BBC History - a wealth of information, pictures and videos with links to a host of interesting time periods.


History for kids - a website packed with a huge amount of information for what we learn and more


National Geographic Kids - really exciting and engaging activities that cover so many important individuals


World Museum Liverpool – explore the range of activities and artefacts right on our doorstep at one of the many museums in Liverpool


National History Museum - find out what's going on at the brilliant museum in London


Historical Association - If you have a really keen interest in History why not find out more here.


One of the key aspects of our history curriculum is providing children with the opportunities for first hand experiences to support their learning. Below are some clips taken from these experiences - explaining what we have learned or some of the fun we have had. Some interviews/clips have been conducted by teachers, some have been conducted by members of the Humanities Pupil Leadership Team. So far we have clips from: The Beatles Story experience with Year 1; The World Museum, Liverpool with Year 4; The Maritime Museum with Year 6B and the Maritime Museum with Year 6M.

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