Our Christian Vision is:

'Learning Together, Following Jesus'

Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will have the light of life.”  

John 8:12

Our Art Vision

We believe that Art needs to unleash children's creativity, ensuring that it is a pleasurable experience, where they engage in sessions with enthusiasm. Our Art sessions are skills and knowledge based, built upon year on year, enabling children to create their own work based on knowledge and skills including key vocabulary to be able to provide children with the skills and knowledge to make excellent progress.

Our Art curriculum reflects our diverse society. Artists are carefully selected from a range of backgrounds, which the children can relate to and be inspired by and are taught how art and design both reflect and shape our history, and contribute to the cultural richness and diversity. Children will think about different art styles and how it is inclusive.

Our inclusive curriculum allows all children to flourish during art lessons.High expectations are set for our children and this is demonstrated through the artwork they produce. Our teachers provide the children with opportunities to demonstrate their skills and creativity and this is supported with high quality modelling. 

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Art is an integral part of our curriculum at The Beacon

We believe that art, in its many forms, stimulates creativity and imagination, providing children with a variety of opportunities to develop intellectually, emotionally, physically and socially. Through dance, drama, music, film and creative art, all children are provided with a wealth of unique first hand experiences. In EYFS children experiment with media and materials finding out about their properties and modifying and manipulating them.

As part of Expressive Arts and Design children will explore patterns, colours and different tools and techniques. Our long term planning in KS1 and KS2 covers six developmental areas: drawing, painting, printing, collage, 3D and textiles. Teachers plan lessons which provide a wide breadth of opportunities to experience art across the curriculum as well as exploring the history of art, movements and individual artists.


Our Art curriculum aims to:
  • Encourage self-expression and the skills to form opinions.
  • Empower children to build self-esteem and improve emotional expression through their creativity.
  • Provide children with opportunities to broaden their cultural exposure.




Different Types of Knowledge in Art


Substantive Knowledge

Substantive knowledge is the subject specific content of Art which is taught through research and practice. Substantive knowledge covers a range of topics including History of Art and modern Art Practice. Substantive knowledge can broadly be defined by art movements, knowledge of artists and artistic disciplines. At The Beacon, our substantive knowledge is progressive; built upon year after year through procedural knowledge and complimented by the learning of disciplinary knowledge.

Disciplinary Knowledge

The disciplinary knowledge of Art incorporates the discrete artist skills and techniques (components) which are explicitly taught in reference to the principals of Art. Disciplinary knowledge also refers to contextual studies of specific artists and artworks and the language of art in which we use to analyse and discuss Art. Disciplinary knowledge is broken down into components which culminate together to create a composite outcome.

Celebrating Art

Walking Art Galleries

Walking art galleries are incorporated into each art lesson to allow time for children to share with their peers their artwork from the lesson. They show friendship and compassion when supporting others within their lessons and offering feedback about artwork.


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Art at home 

A series of free projects for primary aged children to make at home or school together with parents, carers or teachers. 

A US elementary art teacher blog with art projects and lessons for children to follow.

AccessArt has many resources suitable for children, teenagers and parents to use at home.

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