Key Stage 2 Phonics

Key Stage 2 Phonics

At The Beacon CE Primary School we are passionate about Key stage 2 phonics and strive to help children make progress with their reading.

To do this, we use a systematic approach to teach phonics and identify gaps in their phonological knowledge which supports children to develop their reading skills and build upon fluency. This is completed during 30 minute intervention sessions which are taught by experienced teachers using the Fresh Start programme developed by Ruth Miskin.

Fresh Start supports KS2 readers to read accurately and fluently with good comprehension. It is rooted in phonics and uses age-appropriate decodable texts. Children learn the English alphabetic code: the 150+ graphemes that represent 44 speech sounds. This allows children to build on prior knowledge from Key Stage One. Children accessing Fresh Start experience success from the very beginning, as the children re-read the texts, their fluency increases.

Please read the Information leaflet to give you a clearer indication of the steps in which you can support your child at home.


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