Reducing Worry and Inspiring Trust

Blocking Abuse, Violence, Sexual Imagery and More.

SafeToNet is ground-breaking technology that uses artificial intelligence to automatically identify and block harmful messages and content before it’s seen and the damage is done. SafeToNet wraps its arms around your family, gets to know you and then without human intervention safeguards you from danger. It also advises and guides along the way. SafeToNet does not show you what children are seeing, sending or receiving. It protects their privacy whilst allowing you to trust they are safe. It stops you from worrying.

By downloading SafeToNet you and your family embark on a safeguarding journey. New features will appear over time (you don’t get them all at once). It’s a journey of device management, real-time content blocking plus advice and guidance on cyber safety and social issues.

Having installed the app on your child’s device you are presented with tools to remotely manage both the device and the apps being used. In the future (and only where you want the enhanced features), SafeToNet’s automated intelligent systems will start to learn and determine behavioural patterns and automatically search for known risks such as abuse, aggression, cyberbullying, sextortion and more. It then starts to automatically block harmful content in real time and before it is seen.

So, the more it learns, the better it safeguards. Please take a look at where the SafeToNet journey will take you and how it can safeguard your family.

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