In Harmony

Beacon CE Primary School has been a full partner of In Harmony Liverpool since September 2015.

In Harmony is inspired by Venezuela’s El Sistema, and uses the power of orchestral music-making and the ethos and shared values of an orchestra to improve the health and wellbeing of young people, their families, and their wider community.

In Harmony Liverpool is managed by Royal Liverpool Philharmonic, and has been working in Everton (Faith Primary School) since 2009.

Every single child at Beacon, from 2 year olds to 11 year olds have weekly sessions, lessons and ensemble rehearsals with Liverpool Philharmonic musicians. All children from Y1 upwards learn an instrument (having 2 instrument lessons per week) and have a weekly orchestral rehearsal. Children from Y1 - Y4 learn a string instrument. Children in Y4 - Y6 can opt to learn a brass, woodwind or percussion instrument. All staff at our school learn an instrument alongside the children.

In Harmony Liverpool is now working with over 1500 children and young people from the Everton and Anfield communities across four sites (Everton Nursery School & Family Centre, Faith Primary School and All Saints Catholic Primary School being the other three).

How to contact In Harmony Liverpool:


Phone: 07800 873981 / 0151 210 2931

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