In Harmony

Beacon CE Primary School has been working in partnership with In Harmony Liverpool since September 2015 to deliver a superb musical education to all our pupils, In Harmony Liverpool is managed by Royal Liverpool Philharmonic.

Launched in February 2009, In Harmony Liverpool uses orchestral music making to improve the life chances of children by increasing confidence, wellbeing, skills and resilience. This is enhanced by opportunities to travel, learn, perform and collaborate with professional musicians, international artists and other young people. In Harmony Liverpool’s vision is a healthier, higher achieving future for North Liverpool. 

Throughout their time in the school, all pupils recieve weekly musicianship lessons which cover key concepts and skills such as sight singing and composition.

Every child also learns an instrument from year three- year five, creating orchestral music free of charge. Each pupil is provided with a strings instrument until year four- where they then have the option to change to wind or brass. This musical education not only covers the full content of the National Curriculum, but extends pupils' experience with world class professional tuition, access to an array of instruments and enrichment activities and regular performance.

The children learn repertoire from across music genres including classical, pop, traditional and new music. Creativity is also encouraged through creative music making and composing new music from an early age.

Performance and musical excellence is at the heart of In Harmony. Since 2009, In Harmony as a whole (over all it's sites in Liverpool) has presented 300 performances by young people to a total audience of 42,000 in 38 venues. Each year, students have the oppurtunity to play on the stage of the Liverpool Philharmonic Hall alongside the Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. 

In Harmony at The Beacon

From EYFS to year six, all pupils recieve a weekly musicianship lesson. Following this, in year three they begin to learn their first strings instrument in smaller groups. As they progress through the school, from year 3 to year 5, pupils then recieve a weekly instrument lesson, a weekly musicianship lesson and an additional weekly orchestra session where they begin to play as part of an orchestra- applying all that has been learnt during their small group instrument sessions with an expert musician. 

Year six then recieve their weekly creative music lesson, which encorporates elements of music technology with local music study and composition. 

As part of our 'Inspire Plus' (extra-curricular provision) curriculum, the pupils also have the oppurtunity to join a weekly instrument specific club- further improving their musician skills and expanding their musical repertoire. You can register your child to these clubs via the sign up sheet below.

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