Knowledge Organisers

What are knowledge organisers?


Knowledge organisers are invaluable tools designed to support children in their learning across the INSPIRE Curriculum.

They provide a clear and concise summary of the key knowledge, concepts and vocabulary that children need to know for a particular subject or topic.

By presenting this information in an organised and accessible manner, knowledge organisers help students focus on the key knowledge, making it easier to understand and remember.

How can parents/carers use knowledge organisers at home?


Knowledge organisers can be used at home to support children in a number of simple ways:

1.        Daily review and routines: Encourage your child to spend a few minutes each day reviewing their knowledge organiser – this regular practice can significantly boost their memory. Include reviewing the knowledge organiser as part of your child's daily routine, such as during breakfast or before bedtime to help improve long-term retention.

2.        Discussing topics: Use the information contained within the knowledge organisers to start a conversation about their learning, encouraging your child to explain this in their own words.

3.        Quizzing: Check your child's knowledge by asking them questions about new vocabulary, significant individuals or key dates.

4.        Learning games: Turn the information into fun, interactive games like flashcards, matching exercises or trivia challenges to make learning more enjoyable.

5.        Homework support: Use the knowledge organiser to guide homework; this will provide a solid foundation of knowledge and make it easier to approach tasks with confidence.

Take a look at our parent guide below for some more ideas on how best to use these at home...

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