Elf On The Shelf

Lesson: EYFS

Class: RW (Reception) - do not use Year: 2018 - 2019

We have had a very special visitor in Reception - an elf! He was stuck on top of our projector and asked for help to get down. We came up with super ideas of how to save the elf and decided to hang up a bucket that he could drop into. The next day we came to school to find the elf had trapped our 3 little pigs in the bucket! The children can up with fantastic ideas for traps and we finally caught the elf in the block area with the help of some of our small world characters. 

We decided we wanted to make our elf good so we wrote him lots of letters asking what his name is and what he likes  to do. Our elf told us his name is Trix! We loved seeing what Trix had got up to every morning and reading his letters to us. We will miss him very much when he goes back home to the North Pole! 

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