The Beacon Reading Spine

The Beacon Reading Spine is a core of books that create a living library inside a child’s mind. It is a store of classics and essential reads that help children engage at a deeper level and enter the world of the story. Great stories build our language because around 75% of vocabulary comes from reading. Our common bank of stories aim to inspire and enthuse children to develop their imagination and equip them with language.

The Beacon Reading Spine

Home Reading Books

Children from Year 2 to Year 6 read books linked to the Accelerated Reader programme as their home reader. Each book has been carefully selected for individual understanding of reading comprehension. This is based on an initial reading assessment  that children complete at the beginning of each term, via the Accelerated Reader website (Star Reading assessment). The children also complete quizzes after each book to check their understanding and fluency. 

Children in Reception and Year 1 take home as their home reading books, a phonics book linked to their reading level and sound knowledge. These books are changed weekly. 

Children in Nursery take home a reading book from their class reading area to enjoy sharing with adults at home. 

Reading Rainbow Reward Scheme

In order to motivate children to read at home, we have a 'Reading Rainbow' reward scheme. Every 4 weeks of reading 5 nights out of 7, children earn a different colour and move through the colours of their ‘Reading Rainbow’. Children who have completed their rainbow achieve our Silver, Gold and Platinum rewards, receiving prizes such as personalised bookmarks and book tokens. 

Reader of the week 

To celebrate children’s reading at home and the recognise their achievements and engagement, we have a weekly ‘Reader of the Week Raffle’. All those children who have read 5/7 nights consistently will be entered into the prize draw. The winner from each class will then share their favourite story/author to the rest of their class and recommended a story to their peers. 

Book Recommendations, Online Stories and Reading Activities to enjoy at home

Enjoy storytime with online stories, book recommendations and reading activities for readers of all ages by visiting the links below.

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