Numbers Count


What is Numbers Count?  

Numbers Count is an intensive intervention for learners in Years 1 to 6 who have the greatest difficulties with mathematics. It is delivered by a specially trained teacher who also supports other staff in school.

Numbers Count

  • Provides targeted use of the Pupil Premium.
  • Supports the new National Curriculum for Mathematics.
  • Raises mathematical attainment for the lowest achievers.
  • Creates an ‘in-house specialist’ mathematics teacher who helps to raise standards for all learners.
  • Provides detailed evidence of progress and impact.

How Does it Work?

A specially trained Numbers Count teacher gives learners at least three 30-minutes lessons a week for a term, individually or in twos or threes. After a detailed diagnostic assessment, the teacher plans a tailored programme for each child. Rigorous, active lessons focus on number and calculation, helping learners to develop skills and attitudes that will ensure good progress in class lessons. The teacher liaises with parents and shares their specialist knowledge with colleagues informally and through structured CPD, raising standards for all learners.

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