Governance Review 2020-2021

Autumn Term

  • Chair of Governors and Vice Chair were appointed
  • Link Governors and Committee Members were agreed.
  • Link Governors met virtually with the Leads for GDPR, PSHE, Safeguarding, Health and Safety, Curriculum, Assessment and Remote Learning in December 2020. EYFS meeting was scheduled for January 2021.
  • The Governors agreed the School’s Improvement Plan for the coming year. SLT regularly discussed SIP and plans and impact with the LGB – Inspire Curriculum and Mental Health and Well Being, Improving Standards and Attainment in Reading and Writing, Developing Leadership at all Levels.
  • The Admissions Committee met for their annual meeting and agreed the admissions arrangements including the oversubscription criteria for 2022-2023. A new Policy was written and agreed by the Full Board on 23/11/20. The Governors initiated consultation procedures running from 27th November to 8th January 2021.
  • SEN and Disability report was presented and formally agreed by LGB. This was uploaded onto the school’s website.
  • After a full discussion over 2 meetings the Governors agreed the Relationship and Sex Education Curriculum.
  • Governors continued to move away from paper to electronic communications within meetings– using Governorhub, a GDPR compliant platform.
  • Resources Committee regularly reviewed financial performance against the agreed 2020-2021 budget.
  • Governors reviewed the termly Safeguarding report
  • Pupil Premium Governor met with the Premium Pupil Lead to discuss the Pupil Premium Strategy and COVID Catch Up Funding and impact from previous year. The Pupil Premium Plan including COVID Catch Up Funding was presented to Governors. This was agreed and uploaded to website.
  • COVID information and updates were reported at each meeting.
  • Governors were presented with a video report on Remote Learning in the year 2-3 room, this was provided by the lead for 2-3 room. This reported on the Remote Learning during the closure of the room due to COVID.
  • The Governors agreed the School’s Vision Statement for 2020-2021 strengthening our Christian Vision and Values. These were added to the New Admission Policy for 2022-2023
  • Governors reviewed the SIAMS evaluation schedule and discussed and added their comments and views on two aspects of the evaluation.
  • Pay Governors met to monitor the school’s performance management and appraisal of all SLT and teachers. These pay decisions were reported to the Full Board on 23/11/20 as required in the LDST Scheme of Delegation. The decisions were recorded as a confidential item in the minutes.
  • Executive Headteacher’s annual appraisal was completed with support from the Trust CEO
  • A review of Website compliance was completed.
  • A report on the meetings of the Parent Council was given by a Parent Governor. There was a parent representative for each year group on the council. Actions for the future were shared with Governors.
  • Term dates for 2021-2022 were agreed.

Spring Term

  • SLT updated governors on progress on the School Improvement Plan including The Inspire Curriculum, Mental Health and Well Being, Improving Standards and Attainment in Reading and Writing, Developing Leadership at all Levels
  • After a full consultation on the school’s Admission Arrangements for September 2022, Governors formally approved the determined arrangements. These were shared with the LA, LDST and Diocese.
  • Executive Headteacher and Governors continued planning for the next stage of building work with architect and building consultant to allow the rollout to 2 form entry.
  • Link Governors for Remote Learning, Curriculum and Assessment, GDPR, EYFS, Pupil Premium and Health and Safety gave reports on their meetings with the relevant staff leaders.
  • The Executive Headteacher and Remote SLT gave Governors a full update on the Remote learning offer for pupils. This included video examples of online lessons in Phonics and Maths.
  • Governors reviewed the termly Safeguarding report
  • Assessment lead gave Governors information on the changes in assessment for 2021 due to COVID.

Summer Term

  • SLT updated governors on progress on the School Improvement Plan including The Inspire Curriculum, Mental Health and Well Being, Improving Standards and Attainment in Reading and Writing, Developing Leadership at all Levels
  • A governor was involved in new teaching staff appointments for September 2021. This was conducted by a virtual meetings and interviews.
  • Governors were informed that the funding request to the LDST Board of Directors for the building of 4 new classrooms had been approved and that work was scheduled to commence during the summer holidays
  • Governors agreed for the school to be part of a consortium tender process for the provision of school meals as the current contract expires in February 2022
  • Governors were involved in the appointments of a Deputy Headteacher and 4 Assistant Headteachers. These positions had been previously agreed by the Resources Committee to be internally advertised in The Beacon and Bishop Martin schools. The roles are to work across both schools
  • Governors signed off the 175 Safeguarding Audit
  • Governors reviewed the termly Safeguarding report
  • Governors were involved in the appointment process for two TLA’s.
  • Governors were involved in the recruitment of a Trust School Business Manager to support The Beacon and Rainford Primary schools
  • Governors reviewed the schools mission and ethos statements
  • Governors agreed to the secondment of the Executive Headteacher for the autumn term. This is to support the LDST in the role of Trust Education Director.
  • Pupil Premium Governor discussed the progress on the strategy with the Premium Pupil Lead.
  • PE and Sports Lead reported to Resource Committee Governors on the impact of the funding received. A meeting was held between the Link Governor and the PE Lead to discuss 2021-22 funding and actions.
  • Governors continue to be fully involved and informed on the developments in the Liverpool Diocesan Schools Trust.
  • Cynthia Carmichael announced her intention to resign as a governor after 32 years at The Beacon and its predecessor school St Georges. Cynthia has been immense supporter of the school, its children and staff over that period and she has played a considerable part in developing the school into what it is now. Her presence, faith and wisdom will be missed by governors and SLT.

Policies reviewed/adopted within the year – When required these have been customised to our school.

LDST Policies

  • Child Protection Policy 2020 – updated to include an additional COVID 19 appendix
  • Attendance and Punctuality Policy
  • Pay Policy
  • Remote Learning
  • Compliments and Complaints
  • Data Protection
  • Capability Policy
  • Disciplinary Policy
  • Grievance Policy
  • Performance Management Policy – Teachers
  • Whistleblowing Policy
  • Data Protection Policy
  • Expenses Policy
  • Health & Safety Policy
  • Equal Opportunities Policy
  • Biometric Information Policy
  • Exclusion Policy
  • Supporting Staff Attendance
  • Conflict of Interest

School Policies - The responsibility for the review and adoption of some policies have been delegated to the Executive Headteacher and may be found on the school’s website.

  • Anti-Bullying – November 2020
  • CCTV Policy
  • First Aid Policy
  • Relationships and Sex Education Policy
  • SEND Policy
  • Charging and Remissions Policy June 2021 – Resources Governors


Individual governors have attended training on:

  • Appraisal Training
  • School Finance for Governors
  • Safeguarding
  • Remote Learning – What Governors Need to Know
  • Safer Recruitment – Annual update
  • SENd
  • Dealing with Covid 19 in Schools
  • Race Equality in Education
  • HMG Prevent
  • LDST Health & Safety
  • LDST Ofsted Requirements
  • LDST Budget Model
  • LDST Performance Management
  • LDST Finance
  • LDST Curriculum Update
  • LDST Chairs & Clerks
  • Liverpool Governors Forum – Conferences and Training

Governors attended virtual annual whole school safeguarding training.

Review of Governors’ plans 2020-2021

In addition to the established monitoring and evaluation schedule the Local Governing Body also planned to:

Further develop the roles of Link governors to support school improvement

  • Executive Headteacher gave a presentation to the LGB on the Roles and Responsibilities of the Link Governor
  • A Draft Documentation for questions Governors could ask was written and shared with Governors.
  • Link Governors arranged meetings with the area/subject leads and produced reports for review by LGB
  • Due to the pandemic, the Schools Single Central Record was independently audited by the LDST Central Team

Further developed our Christian ethos and relationship with St Georges Church.

  • The Christian Distinctiveness Committee focussed on how the school met the requirements of the new SIAMS inspection format and how Collective Worship developed and was delivered during the pandemic
  • The School arranged to use the Church for In Harmony lessons.
  • Reviewed and agreed the School’s Ethos and Vision statement for 2021-2022
  • Governors attended a SIAMS session led by David Thorpe, Senior Diocesan Schools Advisor

Support senior leaders with school building expansion planning

  • Plans were finalised and funding agreed by LDST Board of Directors for 4 new classrooms with work commencing in July 2021

Continued to focus on our pupils’ attainment and well-being 

  • Governors agreed the new Relationships & Sex Education Policy and how it was to be implemented
  • Child Protection Policy and E- Safety Policy updated October 2020 with Covid 19 appendix

Supported and challenged on the school’s improvement plan 

  • Governors reviewed progress against School Improvement Plans at all meetings
  • Governors started to develop in their roles as Link governors although this was partially hampered by the Covid restrictions
  • Governors undertook individual training courses to improve their skills

Continued to be involved in the development of the LDST

  • Governors attended LDST training
  • Chair of Governors attended termly LDST Chairs briefing
  • Governors were involved in the recruitment of a Trust Business Manager
  • Governors agreed to the secondment for one term of the Executive Headteacher to support the LDST Education Team

Focused on staff workload and well being

  • Pay Committee reviewed teachers’ performance management objectives to ensure they were consistent and fair
  • Governors supported SLT in ensuring staff wellbeing during ongoing pandemic
  • As part of an LDST initiative the school appointed a member of staff as a wellbeing champion

Continued to develop and strengthen the working relationship with our partner school

  • Executive Headteacher’s Performance Management jointly with partner school’s Chair of Governors and Trust’s CEO
  • Resource’s Committee, with support from LDST CEO considered staffing in both schools and agreed to increase SLT capacity from September 2021 with the appointment of a new Deputy Headteacher and four Assistant Headteachers supporting both settings

Plan for the further extension to the school building to accommodate the increasing pupil numbers.

  • Governors agreed final plans for new classrooms and secured funding from LDS

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