Academic Performance - KS2 SATS 2019

'The school's Christian vision prioritises the emotional well-being of the children and supports exceptional academic achievement'. (SIAMS 2016)

End of Key Stage 2 Data 2019

Congratulations to the children and staff for all their hard work and for achieving such wonderful results. We are so proud of you.

These results are at present provisional until the release of the School Performance Tables in December 2019. 

The 2018 results and other data related to our school can  be found in the School Performance Tables - December 2018.  Click here for the 2018 School Performance Tables.


The scaled score is the raw score the pupil achieves on their test paper, 'scaled' to a score between 80 -120. A score of at least 100 is the expected for a year 6 pupil. Children who achieve a scaled score of 110+ are identified as a pupil attaining at a higher level.

Subject School's Average Scaled Score
Reading 103
GPS 109
Maths 107



The expected standard for year 6 pupils is met when a pupil achieves at least a 100 on a scaled score (which ranges from 80 -120)

Subject School National Difference Liverpool Local Authority Difference
Reading 75% 73% +2% 76% -1%
GPS 84% 78% +6% 70% +14%
Writing 88% 78% +10% Not available NA
Maths 91% 79% +12% 75% +16%
RWM 75% 65% +10% Not available NA

GPS - Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling 

RWM - Reading, Writing and Maths


Subject Percentage
Reading 13%
GPS 53%
Writing 22% GDS
Maths 28%
RWM 6%


Progress scores from KS1 to end of KS 2

A school's progress scores in Reading, Writing and Maths are calculated as an average of its pupils subject progress scores. These scores give an indication of whether, as a group, pupils in the school made above or below average progress in a subject compared with pupils with similar starting points in other schools. The National Average is 0 so anything below zero is below the National Average and anything above is above the National Average.

  School Progress Score

Progress Score for Reading (with 0 being the expected)


Progress Score for Writing (with 0 being the expected)


Progress Score for Maths (with 0 being the expected)



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